Where are you located?

I am located right in the heart of Provo Utah! Our address is 108 N 500 W. The Noble Society is located inside of Sonder Studio.


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Tattoo minimum pricing starts at $100 for a tattoo a quarter size or SMALLER. Pricing then goes up depending on size and detail. I have a $150 hourly for pieces that will take me 1+ hours to do. All custom designs require a $25 draw up fee in addition to the price quote of your tattoo and is due within 24 hours of booking your tattoo. Tattoos with Jordan average between $125-$350, depending on size and customization. 

pricing  pricing  pricing

How do i book an appointment

Online booking is available through the book online page here on our website. You can also find a book button on our instagram @thenoblesociety_ . If your tattoo is a quarter size or smaller, 1-5 word script, or a small design 5" or smaller please select the "1 hour appointment" option. If you are booking multiple tattoos in one appointment or a bigger and more detailed piece; please select the "tattoo" option (2-3 hour appointment, NOT the small tattoo). 


Please EMAIL your inspiration photos to thenoblesocietyinq@gmail.com. Include your name and appointment time. Please send your inspiration ASAP upon booking your appointment! Don't stress if you do not receive a reply to your inspiration right away! I usually reach out about a week before your appointment if you have not reached out to me. At that time we will discuss what you are wanting and we can do with that and then I will give you a price quote for what we talked about. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Please be sure to cancel your appointment NO LESS than 72 hours prior to your appointment time to avoid a cancellation fee. If you cancel 24 hours - 2 hours prior to your appointment then you will be charged a higher cancellation fee of 50% of your appointment price. If you cancel 2 hours - right before your appointment then you will be charged 75% of your appointment cost. If you NO SHOW your appointment (meaning no call, text, message notifying of your cancellation) then you will be charged 100% of your appointment cost. You will still be required to pay the full amount at the rescheduled appointment at the time of the appointment. so PLEASE DO NOT NO SHOW to avoid being charged the full amount of your service.
ALL CANCELLATION FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE and your card on file will be charged any applicable fees. So PLEASE take your appointment seriously to avoid being charged for a service that you are not receiving. I fully understand that real life emergencies happen and in emergency situations I am more than willing to further discuss any charged cancellation fees and consider a refund. But, forgetting you had a doctors appointment at the same time, wanting to grab lunch with a friend in town, had a meeting at work, couldn't find parking, alarm going off, etc are NOT emergencies and you will be expected to pay all cancellation fees. 

cancellation policy cancellation policy

cancellation policy cancellation policy

what are your forms of payment?

I accept cash, card, and venmo

do you offer touch ups?

I do offer 1 free touch on tattoos done by me. This touch up MUST be scheduled within 6-12 weeks of your initial appointment in order to qualify for a free touch up. After the 12 week cut off the touch up will be half the cost of my current tattoo minimum

referral program

Have you gotten a tattoo from me and are thinking of adding to your collection? Do you want a free credit added to your next tattoo? well I can help you there! If you have friends or family that I haven't tattooed yet; then send them my way. Have them let me know that you sent them and if they get a tattoo from me, then you will get $20 towards your next piece of art.